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December 5, 2018

Holiday Visitation and Custody

Holiday Visitation and Custody

Make Your Holiday Joyous with a Smooth Transition

Setting up a convenient and mutually beneficial holiday schedule can be difficult in the first years after a divorce. If you can create a simple system of visitation or custody, then it will make the transition easier and allow children to see both parents during the holidays. If your custody is detailed in your divorce filings, then you have a set schedule already; but, quite often, holiday plans change and/or school vacations make for a more complicated schedule for parents. Our experienced divorce attorneys can help if you need mediation or guidance in creating a visitation schedule.

Common Holiday Visitation Arrangements

There are a few different ways to split custody during the holidays that allow the children to see and spend time with both parents and their families. Whatever you choose, keeping a routine and respecting each other’s time is crucial for an enjoyable holiday with your kids. After all, aren’t they your biggest source of holiday cheer?

One way to split the holidays is to switch off yearly. An example of this would be one parent has the children on a holiday on the even years while the other has the children the odd years. If it is your “off” year, you can celebrate on the day before or after the actual holiday. You could even create off-year traditions that make it just as special for your kids no matter the specific date.

Another option is to switch mid-day or split the holiday into “eve” and “day of.” Every other year, one parent has the children the night before (eve) until the morning, and the other parent picks the kids up around midday on the day of the holiday to spend the remainder with them. If one of the parents has family traditions on the eve of the holiday, they may even want to always have the children the night before the holiday and would be fine with the children getting picked up after the evening celebrations if it does not disrupt the event.

Sometimes, parents have specific traditions for each of their respective families that make sharing the different holidays easier. For example, some families make Thanksgiving their “big” holiday, thus avoiding a conflict during the month of December.

No matter what you decide, it will get easier as the years go on. You will find a routine that works and, if all goes well, you may even be able to have a joint holiday or birthday with your children from time to time if you choose.

Austin Child Custody Attorneys

If you and your child’s other parent cannot decide on a “fair” holiday schedule, our team of Austin divorce attorneys can help. We are experienced in child custody arrangements and visitation laws and we can stand by your side to make sure you get to see your child during the holidays. When you are facing conflict with regard to visitation, contact our team and take the first step in protecting your rights to your child.

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